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Bugera 6260 120 Watt Two Channel All Tube Guitar Amp Head

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  • Handbuilt, 120-watt all-tube amplifier driven by 4 x 6L6 tubes for huge tone
  • Classic 2-channel preamp design (clean/crunch and lead) features 6 x 12AX7 tubes for thick versatile tone
  • Clean channel bright switch adds a bit of sparkle to your tone
  • Heavy-duty footswitch for channel selection and FX loop included so you can rock straight out of the box
  • Preamp direct out gets you plugged into the PA or for recording direct signal
  • Individual channel reverb and presence controls let you get just the sound you want
  • Mix and match any combination of compatible tube types and brands to build your own signature sound
  • Independent equalizer sections with dedicated bass, mid, and treble controls for precise tone shaping
  • FX loop with dedicated level control ready for your pedalboard
  • Impedance switch lets you use virtually any speaker cabinet
  • High-quality components and rugged construction ensure long life

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Accessible Tube Tone

If you’re after traditional ’80s rock and metal tone, then Bugera designed the 6260 all-tube guitar amplifier head just for you. Clean/crunch and lead channels are really all you need to get the tone of the ages, the 6262 gives you a single EQ section, master reverb and presence controls, and high- and low-gain inputs to make sure you have what you need for dialing in your perfect tone. Variable impedance, a direct out for your sound engineer, and individual channel volume control means the Bugera 6260 all-tube guitar amplifier head may be the last you’ll ever want to play.

120W of boutique-quality tone, with two versatile channels.

Bugera’s goal with the 120W 6260 tube guitar head was the tone of a high-power, super-lead amp, with all the virile crunch it takes to detonate the center stage. With 6L6s this design has a very open and glassy tone; with EL34s, it takes on a more compressed and noticeably midrange character.

 With the master up and using the Clean gain knob for volume, you get pristine, yet fat clean power. Turning the Clean gain up gradually causes the amp to react like a non-master volume amp, and achieves a very natural sounding overdrive, what the company calls “Texas Clean”.

Turning the master and gain up together causes the amp to react like a non-master volume amp. Turning Clean channel gain up achieves a very natural sounding overdrive. The amp will react sharply to changes in volume or attack from the instrument.

 The Crunch setting is simply the clean channel with more gain from another 12AX7 to create the rock ˜n roll rhythm sound heard on all your classic rock faves.

The Bright switch helps darker sounding instruments cut through and really shines when using a hollow or semi-hollow body guitar.

The Lead channel is all about articulate gain and sustain. Copious amounts of harmonics and compression help solos stand out and cut thru the band with ease.

Separate master volumes allow for easy rhythm-clean/solo-lead switching with total control over the level of each sound.

Additional information


Mint Condition

Number of Channels


Total Power

120 Watt

EQ & Voicing





4, 8, 16 Ohm Mono



Preamp Tubes

5 x 12AX7

Power Tubes

4 x 6L6


1 x 6.3 mm Jack


2 x 6.3 mm Jack

Effects Loop


Footswitch I/O


Footswitch Included



249 mm


686 mm


246 mm


21.3 Kg

Manufacturer Part Number


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