Fender Vintage Dual Showman “Red Knob” 100 Watt All Tube Guitar Amp Head with Special “Wedge” 4 x 12″ Guitar Speaker Cabinet(s)

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So you want the set?

As well you might! In these times of miniturization and modelling amps, many may go for small and midi, but nothing beats a half or full stack when it comes to sheer stage prescence and sound. With this unique vintage combination of the all tube Fender Dual Showman 100 Watt head from the “Red Knob” series and the specially manufactured guitar speaker cabinets with vertically wedged fronts and four 12″ Eminence drivers each, you have something special.

Vintage Amp with Enormous Sound

Between 1987 and 1993, Fender USA produced the iconic ‘Red Knob’ series of amps, among which the 100W Dual Showman all-tube amplifier head and its combo sibling, the ‘Evil Twin’.
These amps had their quirks, but at their best they’re able to sound like the best Fender ever made, being really loud, but maintaining a crystal clear sound.

Mix or Switch Channels

The Dual Showman Red Knob has 2 channels, one clean, one not so much. They can be switched or mixed, offering a wide variety of sound possibilities.
Apart from the separate equalizing tone controls, the amps offer the option of push-pull pots that open up extra tonal options.

Switch Output Power

The output power can be switched between 25W and 100W, making the amp perfectly suited to use in either small rehearsal rooms or venues, even your living room.

Iconic and Rare Cabinets

Especially for the “Red Knob” series amplifiers Fender USA produced the 4×12 guitar cabinets with wedged front panels. These cabs yielded a greater spread of the guitar sound on stage and made use of Eminence 12 guitar speakers, branded with Fender’s in-house serial number 026488. In this case, in addition 67-8723, meaning that they were produced in the 23th week of 1987 Eminence. The speakers were also sold as Fender Blue 12.

Vintage and Super Rare

Nowadays , these “The Wedge” cabs are extremely rare and even more so in good condition. We have are two, almost undamaged, complete and 100% working. The photos give a clear and above all fair view of the state of the speaker cabs.

Great power handling, crystal clear sound

Fender packed some serious punch in the Wedge 4 x 12″ speaker cabinets. Combining four Eminence 12″ 100 Watt guitar speakers per cab, you can really give it the beans, while keeping speaker distortion well in line. The Wedge cabinets handle 400 Watt a piece over 8 Ohms, making it the perfect match for the Fender Vintage Dual Showman “Red Knob” 100 Watt All Tube Guitar Amp Head, also being offered on this site.

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