Fender Vintage Tremolux

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Model/Circuit Number: 6G9, 6G9-A, 6G9-B
Years of Production:
1961 – 1963
Era: Blonde
Configuration: Piggyback
Controls: Brown forward facing w/ white labels, controls numbered 1 – 10
Knobs: White round, unnumbered

  • Front: Bright: In, In, Vol, Treb, Bass – Normal: In, In, Vol, Treb, Bass – Speed, Intensity – Pilot Lamp
  • Rear: Ground Sw, Fuse (2A), Power Sw, Speaker Jack, Ex. Speaker Jack, Tremolo Jack


  • Dimensions: Head: 8 x 23 x 8 3/8, Cabinet: 17½ x 27 x 11½
  • Hardware: Medium Chassis Straps 4 5/8”
  • Handle: Brown plastic Strap
  • Feet: Glides
  • Corners: Corner Protectors


Covering Material

  • Tolex/Tweed: White Tolex
  • Grill Cloth: Maroon (61-62) or wheat (62-63) grill cloth

Logo: Grill mounted, flat, chrome & black, script

  • Size: 6G9, 6G9-A: ported tone ring, 1 x 10”/8 ohms 6G9-B: sealed, 2 x 10/4 ohms (8 ohms each in parallel)
  • Impedance: 8 ohms ; 4 ohms
  • Model: Jensen P10Q or Oxford 10K5(For more info, check out the Jensen Replacement Speakers)

Effects: Tremolo
~Watts: 30-35 watts

  • Pre amp: 7025
  • Power: 6G9: 2 x 6BQ5 ; 6G9-A, 6G9-B: 2 x 6L6GC

Bias: Fixed Bias, Nonadjustable
Rectifier: GZ34

Comments: Some early Tremolux cabs were fitted with a 1 x 12″ baffle.

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