Marshall MF400A 4 x 12″ 400 Watt Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Some slight road wear, but sounds great!


  • Sonically optimized Celestion loudspeaker designs
  • Pro-gauge internal wiring
  • Increased internal volume
  • Metal logo and piping
  • 8 Ohm, 400 Watt
  • 4×12 angled cabinet
  • 12″ Celestion/Marshall G12-100K speakers

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A Marshall Cabinet Like No Other!

When guitar players spoke, Jim Marshall listened, which is probably why people are still listening to the sound of Marshall today as they did forty years ago – and today, the Guv’nor, is still listening to the likes (and dislikes) of guitarists. In fact, listening to the needs of modern guitarists and their music is the reason Marshall created the Mode Four Series; an amp capable of more gain, more low-end and more headroom than ever before . . . plus great cleans and, of course, the crunch tones that have made Marshall a legend! To handle the screamin’ 350 watts of power that the Mode Four amp provides, Marshall needed some serious delivery hardware and Marshall’s answer was the 4 x 12, 400 watt MF400A loudspeaker cabinet.

Fine-tuned Response

The Marshall MF400A is based on Marshall’s vintage ‘TV’ design that stands a good three inches higher than the industry standard 1960 type, and makes for a very imposing rig indeed. But the increased size isn’t just for aesthetics. The extra volume lowers the cabinet’s resonant frequency to cope with the demands of de-tuned instruments. Marshall also experimented with the relative positioning of individual drivers on the baffle to fine-tune the cab’s response for the best sound possible. Two cabinets are designed for use in straight/angled pairs to make a full stack that stands an impressive 2.1m high, while the other pair is intended for half-stack use. Celestion’s G12-100K drivers are used in the MF400.

Mote Tonally Agressive

The MF400A (400W) cabinet is specially engineered to reproduce the balanced mid range and huge bottom end that are a pre-requisite for extreme hard rock and nu-metal sounds. The MF400A (angled) is, in keeping with other angled 4×12″ cabinets, tonally more aggressive than the base option. The angled cabinet is the usual choice for those who want a more prominent upper mid and treble response that really cuts through in a live situation. In keeping with all legendary Marshall cabinets the MF400A 4×12″ cabinet is not only ready for the sonic demands of a high performance head like the MF350, but also the extreme physical abuse they may receive on the road. We recommend the MF280A (angled) for full stack operation and the MF400A or B for half stack operation.

Full Stack versus Half Stack

The MODE FOUR cabinets can be used either as a full stack (two cabinets) or half stack (one cabinet) configuration. The rig you choose is a matter of personal taste and as always when it comes to sound we recommend you try both to see which suits your style best.

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4 x 12" Celestion G12K-100 8 Ohm

Power Handling

400 Watt Mono


8 Ohm Mono

Open/Closed Back


Cabinet Type


Construction Material





1 x 6.3 mm Jack


910 mm


760 mm


380 mm


41.5 Kg

Manufacturer Part Number


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